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"When your feet hurt, you hurt all over"

Although your feet are the part of your body most prone to pain and injury, they are often neglected and ignored. Foot pain is not normal! You deserve to walk pain-free and Dr. Smith can help.

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Benefits of proper walking techniques and posture

Sometimes we are not aware of our posture and style of walking, because we do it so consistently. Did you know that by becoming more aware of certain walking techniques, even the slightest changes can result in large benefits?

Walking provides longevity and other health benefits, such as an improved metabolism and cardiovascular system in the long-term. Overtime our bodies may become misaligned, imbalanced and our joints become stiff; however there are simple changes you can make in your everyday walking routine to minimize these natural developments. These include aligning your posture, engaging your core muscles, becoming physically balanced and leading yourself with your upper body.

Aligning your posture focuses on the spine and making sure it is aligned, not only when you’re walking, but also in your everyday activities. You can engage your core muscles in a standing position by setting your feet hip-width apart, relaxing your feet and your knees. Physical balance means your body weight is centered on your leading foot rather than having your feet and legs pull you along.

For more information please visit: http://www.active.com/walking/articles/5-steps-to-revolutionize-your-walking-technique

Smith - 11-17-15

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