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Can Plantar Fasciitis go away on its own?

The question on everyone’s mind; is there a way to get rid of Plantar Fasciitis? Don’t let foot pain ruin what you love to do! Follow along and let your healing process start.

Plantar Fasciitis occurs in the heel and is more prevalent in runners (but is not limited to just running). An attack of inflammation takes over, making it hard for you to stand for long periods of time and stand up after sitting. Deficient footwear can also be at fault for causing heel discomfort.

Good news! There are ways to decrease the pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis and in some cases, eliminate it:

  • Change up your shoe style! Invest in a good quality brand that offers proper support for your feet. A great source for shoes designed for people with for Plantar Fasciitis: What to Look For and 7 to Consider
  • Ice will become your new best friend once you relieve some of that excruciating pain!
  • Schedule time to rest and stretch! Whether this means taking a break from working at your office desk or from training for that marathon you have always wanted to run.


Every foot is different; what works for one person, might not work for someone else. If your Plantar Fasciitis does not decrease in pain or fully relieve your anguish, schedule a consultation with us. We are here to help!

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