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Celebrating 40 Years of Podiatry with Dr. Buckrop!

As many of you know already, my colleague and good friend Dr. Buckrop will be retiring at the end of this week after a long and wonderful career in podiatry! I wanted to take the time to reflect on his 40 years of work and celebrate the terrific contributions he has made to our field.

Believe it or not, Dr. Buckrop is a second-generation podiatrist having been inspired watching his Dad go to his own practice every day. Both he and his brother practice in the Quad Cities area, with his brother taking over his father’s practice and Dr. Buckrop branching out to create his own practice in 1979. Understanding how things worked and the mechanics or history behind how the body works truly solidified his passion. A lot has changed since he rented his first office space after graduation. At that time, Dr. Buckrop pointed out to me that podiatry wasn’t as well-known of a field as many other medical practices. Illini Hospital in Silvis was one of the only medical facilities in the area with a dedicated podiatrist on staff.  However, in the years after his graduation many podiatrists began establishing themselves in our area, including many of his former classmates! Now there are several residency programs, research opportunities and we’ve seen many exciting medical advancements in podiatric care.

After establishing his first practice near the Viking club on 41st St in Moline, Dr. Buckrop was ready to partner with a local architect to design and build his very own office space where he spent the next 30 years providing top tier care to his patients. Dr. Buckrop told me, “I really  enjoyed partnering in your office, because of many of the new design features and how you incorporate a personalized feel like I have always strived for in my previous practices.”

The continuing learning that occurs in podiatry has always been an enticing aspect of his practice as well. Dr. Buckrop and I have spoken many times about the implications of different advancements and approaches to different ailments developed over the years. Over the last 15 years, we’ve both been excited to see podiatry expand to treating a broader set of ailments, as well as providing more services in the office, so patients can more often be diagnosed and treated all in one place.

As he prepares for his retirement, I asked Dr. Buckrop what he was looking forward to most and he told me, “I’m really looking forward to getting to visit with my family more. Both of my kids live out of town.  I love to travel, so I’m really excited to be able get out, explore and share more time with them.” For those who don’t know, Dr. Buckrop is quite the maritime enthusiast having gone scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking in places like the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Cancun, Cayman Islands and Barbados. Just yesterday, he told me, “I’ve had a really blessed life” and I know we’ve all been very fortunate to have him here in the office. He did offer some advice to future podiatrists as well, he reminded us all to stay patient focused and always present the best ideas to get patients to their healthcare goals. Do no harm should always be on the top of our minds.  

He also wanted to leave a message for everyone: “Thank you to all of my patients, past and present.  Thank you to all of the medical professionals who have given me the chance to serve you! Thank you for making this such an amazing career.  I’ve really had a blessed life and I wish you all the best!”

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