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"When your feet hurt, you hurt all over"

Although your feet are the part of your body most prone to pain and injury, they are often neglected and ignored. Foot pain is not normal! You deserve to walk pain-free and Dr. Smith can help.

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Don’t forget the sunscreen for your feet

feetinsandCases of Skin Cancer are on the rise, and many people don’t include their feet as potential targets. It is important to remember to include the tops of your feet when applying sunscreen. The skin on top of your feet is very sensitive and vulnerable to burn.

Be sure to use an SPF value of 15 or higher and re-apply frequently. If you prefer a more natural approach; there are now tinted mineralized zinc products available. Seek out your local natural food and products store for more information. By all means DO NOT apply a sunscreen that has expired. Once this product reaches its expiration mark; the formulation designed to protect you has fallen apart. In many cases it can even lead to additional issues such as skin irritation and rash.

Summer is the best time to show off those happy and healthy feet. Make sure you do so responsibly.

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