Exercises for your feet!

These are exercises to keep your feet and ankles flexible and relaxed.  The exercises below should be done while you’re seated.


  • Focus on relaxing the muscles in your feet, one at a time.  Take deep, relaxing breaths.  Wiggle your toes.
  • Gently stretch your feet out and point your big toes forward.  Next point your toes straight up.  Alternate these stretches.  Press down gently on the balls of your feet and pads of your toes; lifting your heels.
  • Roll the bottom of your foot around connecting the points of your foot in a circular order, heels, the right side, toes, and left side. Repeat several times, then do the same with the opposite foot.
  • Massage your feet with your fingers and thumbs.

Healthy feet are happy feet!

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