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Importance of Regular Foot Exams

Did you know that having healthy feet is a huge part of having a healthy life? Every time we run or walk, an opportunity for bacteria or other foot related issues opens up. For diabetics especially, foot health is just as important as their general health. Doctors suggest that patients get foot exams annually.  Diabetic patients and people with prior feet problems may require checks more frequently.

While undergoing a foot exam, Doctors will look for cuts, infections, and ulcerations in the feet that can lead to larger health issues. Diabetic neuropathy, which is nerve damage in the feet, is a large issue for people with diabetes.  If infection or diabetic neuropathies are not properly addressed, the results may include long term and larger foot issues, or even amputation.

Ensuring Doctors are adequately undergoing foot exams is very important. Observation of foot color and temperature, sensitivity, and foot pulse should all be observed closely. If a person displays signs of a potential issue, their shoes should be examined. If shoes are too tight, it can cause circulation issues and lead to other problems. Smoking has shown to be very detrimental for foot health in diabetic patients, so it is advised that patients suffering from diabetes and foot issues refrain from smoking.

Getting an annual foot exam is just as important as a general health check-up. For diabetics, annual foot check-ups are a must have. Contact your doctor, if you wish to schedule a foot exam or to receive more information on the exam process.

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