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Midwest Podiatry Conference 2011

I am currently attending the Midwest Podiatry Conference in Chicago. It is one of the nation’s largest podiatric conferences. It is an annual event usually held in the spring. Many lectures are given and vendors around the country are present to display their foot care products.

Yesterday, an excellent presentation was given on many changes that will be occurring from the recently passed Health Care Act. These changes will certainly impact our patients and physicians.

I was also introduced to a new type of implant used for pain in the big toe joint. This new implant will allow more pain free motion in the joint.

Another new product introduced was from Dr. Comfort. They now carry Shape to Fit Compression Wear. Dr. Comfort is a shoe manufacturer. Many of our diabetic patients probably wear their shoes. Our office will soon be carrying the new compression stockings. By the way, they are NOT only for women and come in several colors.

I was also introduced to the Q-Clear dermatologic laser. It can be used for nail bed fungus and for plantar’s warts.
The procedure takes only a few minutes, is relatively pain free, but is not covered by insurance.

Finally, I heard a lecture by a podiatrist who has served in the military in Iraq. He was presenting lower extremity trauma. After his presentation, he was given applause for his service. Great moment!

All for now.
Dr. Smith

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