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"When your feet hurt, you hurt all over"

Although your feet are the part of your body most prone to pain and injury, they are often neglected and ignored. Foot pain is not normal! You deserve to walk pain-free and Dr. Smith can help.

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Our 5-Step Approach to Custom-Orthotics

Choosing the right orthotic and orthotics provider is a challenge, so we are introducing our 5-step approach to help you make the right decision for your unique situation.

Before we start, we need to stress all our orthotics are custom-made to address your needs. Standardized over-the-counter orthotics and inserts usually focus on arch support only, so they cannot be called custom-inserts. Against most people’s intuition, our custom orthotics are often cheaper than store-bought orthotics, because your insurance will cover certain prescriptions. We will get back to this topic in steps 3 and 4.

Step 1: Examination

Custom orthotics require a diagnosis.  So, Dr. Smith starts with a thorough examination of your feet in his office. Each condition requires a different kind of orthotic. So, what we use to treat plantar fasciitis is different than what we treat for flat feet. The same applies to posterior tendinitis, metatarsalgia, bunions and joint or ankle pain. Dr. Smith may take an X-ray to analyze your feet when you are standing and his training in biomechanics allows him to properly evaluate for pronation.

Step 2: Selection

The next step is to select what kind of orthotic will best fit your needs. We consider materials beyond the over-the-counter plastic versions and determine whether you need a soft, firm or flexible model. We can even create elements which can be attached to your orthotics. Your lifestyle also plays a role. Your base orthotic may be flexible, yet soft on the outside. We can consider waterproof material and so much more.

Step 3: Order

Now it is time to order your custom-orthotics. Dr. Smith will measure your feet using a Brannock device and then utilize plaster to make a foot impression. Our team will then help you with any paperwork, including medical documentation, Medicare requirements for Diabetic patients, primary care physician documents, etc. Medicare may cover up to one pair of shoes and three pairs of diabetic inserts per year, so getting this process right is fundamental for us.

Step 4: Creation

For your insurance to cover custom orthotics, they need to be created by a certified Pedorthist. Therefore, we are teamed up with Eric J. Bevans, the founder of Bevans Custom Orthopedics. He will fabricate your orthotics at his orthotic facility in the Quad Cities. We also partner with Dr. Comfort when it comes to diabetic orthotics and diabetic shoes. Before ordering any shoes, we will guide you through a shoe catalogue to give you a better understanding of your options and help you find shoes to accommodate swelling, ulcers and more. Dr. Comfort also provides a wide range of inserts for diabetic patients. The turnaround time for both of our partners is usually between one to two weeks.

Step 5: Follow-up

Now is the time to wear your orthotics and test them out. We will be there to answer any questions and remind you to switch out diabetic inserts every three to four months during follow-up appointments.


Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (309) 762-7919 with any questions. We are here to guide you through this process and provide the best custom-orthotics for the lowest cost!

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