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"When your feet hurt, you hurt all over"

Although your feet are the part of your body most prone to pain and injury, they are often neglected and ignored. Foot pain is not normal! You deserve to walk pain-free and Dr. Smith can help.

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Public area foot health

Its summer time and everyone wants to go to the local water park. Everyone is barefoot in the locker room and by the pool. Keeping your feet healthy is important to help prevent the spreading of athlete’s foot in public areas. Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection and can be spread by skin particles left on towels, shoes, or floors. Taking care of your own feet will reduce the possibility of getting Athlete’s foot yourself and spreading it to others in public areas.

Healthy feet start with good hygiene. However, good foot hygiene involves a lot more than simply washing your feet during a shower or bath. The Institute for Preventative Foot Health suggests a three part process involving daily foot care, toenail care, and daily foot inspection. The process can help make your feet happy and healthy. For more information on how to use this process and keeping your feet healthy, visit http://www.ipfh.org/foot-care-essentials/how-to-practice-good-foot-hygiene/

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