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Flat Feet

If the entire sole of your foot touches the ground when you stand, then you probably have Flat Feet. Flat Feet are characterized by underdeveloped arches that prevent the typical gap between the sole and the ground from forming. This condition usually develops during childhood and throughout old age, but it can also be caused by accidents or diseases severally impacting bones or tendons forming the arch. Typical consequences include:

  • Foot, hip, knee, and back pain caused by an uneven distribution of body weight
  • Misalignment of your legs
  • Numb and/or stiff feet
  • Swollen ankles
  • Prematurely worn out shoes

Individuals experiencing Flat Feet might not experience any of these symptoms; however, if you are plagued by pain and/or restrictions in body movements on a regular basis it is advised to contact a professional. Potential treatments include:

  • Stretching exercises for your lower legs to prevent feet from rolling over
  • Orthotics to align your feet and to balance weight more evenly
  • Switching to different kind of shoes
  • Pain remediation

Surgery is an option in extreme cases like abnormal bone development in your feet and can usually be prevented. Read more about Flat Feet here and don’t hesitate to contact your podiatrist if you have any questions:

Flat feet – To ease the pain of flat feet, reinforce the soles and tendons of your feet. Supportive (and comfortable!) shoes are key.

Are you flat footed? Orthotics can help stretch the soles and tendons of your feet and ease any pain or discomfort you may feel. These custom inserts are placed on the bottom of your shoe providing support and distributing pressure along the joints. They help create an arch in the bottom of your foot. This in turn helps to ease pain in the soles and tendons of your feet.

More importantly, (aside from inserts) you need to wear supportive and comfortable shoes. Your foot and ankle should be supported without the shoe being too large or too small.