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How to prevent foot odor

Summer is approaching and temperatures are rising. Who wouldn’t want to cool down by taking off their shoes in the house or garden? Well, family and friends with a sensitive nose might urge you not to do so.

But how does foot odor start, and how can it be prevented? There are two primary causes. The first one is genetic and depends on the number of sweat glands, which produce moisture. The second cause, hygiene, can be controlled – and should be. Bad hygiene causes bacteria that, in combination with moisture, result in common foot odor. Warm temperatures and footwear prevents evaporation and will contribute to foot odor by providing the perfect environment for bacteria to reproduce. Additional causes include could be stress, medication and alcohol/drugs.

Preventing foot odor is feasible though: wash your feet properly on a daily basis, use and alternate moisture-preventing shoes and socks and keep your feet as dry as possible. Alternative measures include the use of specific creams and powders. Ask us for the treatments that will best fit your feet.

Find out more: http://www.footvitals.com/skin/foot-odor.html

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Foot Odor

Results from excessive perspiration from the sweat glands on your feet.  Daily hygiene is important.  Change your shoes daily and let them air out.  You can change your socks twice daily.  Foot powders and antiperspirants can lessen the odor.  Don’t forget to dry well between the toes.  Make an appointment if the condition persists.