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What can orthotics do for me?

Foot orthotics are insoles for your feet that are typically associated with people who need arch assistance; yet there are many others who can benefit. The properties within orthotics, either over-the-counter or custom made, have the purpose of ensuring the bones in your feet and ankles are generally positioned correctly. Benefits differ among different people, because individual amounts of walking, pace and stamina are not identical.

People who suffer from foot, knee and back pain are encouraged to wear orthotics regardless of your degree of pain, because it can relieve your suffering. They can also lower muscular fatigue and promote more efficient muscle performance.

Athletes may seek orthotics, because it can help increase endurance, strength and your performance. Overweight individuals can relieve the stress weight puts on the ligaments in their feet. Individuals who have diabetes or arthritis can enhance their mobility and reduce strain on parts of their body.

Ask your podiatrist whether orthotics can make you feel more comfortable, at ease and balanced one step at a time.

Find out more at http://www.bpm.ca.gov/forms_pubs/orthotics_brochure.shtml

Smith - 12-15-15

Orthotics: What are they and do I need them?

Are you uncomfortable in your own shoes due to flat feet, heel pain or toe issues?  Orthotics can help address these issues and other foot conditions you may have.

Orthotics are shoe inserts to help control the position and movement of the feet.  They also absorb shock by adding extra cushion for your feet. Orthotics can correct an irregular gait and relieve pain in your feet, even your back and other joints. Orthotics come in the form of shoes, splints and shoe inserts.

As summer approaches, you are more likely to be doing activities requiring you to be on your feet.  So, give yourself some relief and get comfortable in your own shoes with the proper Orthotics to meet your needs.

Orthotics Anyone?

 Orthotics are shoe inserts intended to correct an abnormal foot. The can make the foot more comfortable and efficient by changing the angles at which the foot hits the ground. Orthotics can be soft, firm, and are even made for children. We prescribe them for many different foot problems. Many insurances cover prescription orthotics as well

Orthotic Inspection!

Now is the time to inspect your orthotics.  Look for any cracks, wear, or loose coverings.  Often, new materials can be applied to refreshen your current pair.  However, it your orthotics are older than 5 years, a new pair may be necessary, as your foot structure can change.  Kids may out-grow their orthotics even faster.  If your orthotics are showing their age, call for an appointment today.