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Are you training for Bix? Here are a few tips and tricks for avoiding Black Toe.

One of the most common issues affecting runners and their feet is Black Toe.  Black Toe occurs when your feet slide forward in your shoe while walking and running, resulting in your toes banging against the top, front, and sides of the shoe.  This pressure is caused by the constant banging of the toes and can damage your toenail beds, creating a blister under the toenail that can become extremely painful.  The extra blood and fluid creates a blister under your toenail which in turn can cause the nail to separate from the toenail bed and turn the toenail black.

Before you begin your training for Bix, make sure your shoes fit correctly.  As you run, your feet can swell to almost a full shoe size larger than its original size.  Make sure your toes have some room to expand, but not too much where your feet would slip forward in the shoe.  The best way to ensure your shoes are the right size for your feet is to get a proper fitting at a technical running shoe store.  Also, make sure you are properly lacing your shoes to keep your feet from sliding forward with each step you take. 

Training for Bix does not have to be harmful to your toes. Follow these steps to ensure your toes stay safe from these painful blisters under your nail.

Running and Your Feet – What is Metatarsalgia and how it can affect you?

Runners, among other athletes, are prime contenders for developing Metatarsalgia. (A fancy name for pain and inflammation in the ball of your foot).

Some symptoms of metatarsalgia include a sharp or shooting pain in the ball of the foot (or area behind the toes), numbness or tingling of the toes or a feeling like you’re walking with a pebble in your shoe.

Metatarsalgia can be caused by a few things, including ill fitting shoes, being overweight or previous foot problems. The leading cause of Metatarsalgia is high impact sports (where you put increased pressure on the balls of your feet). Most sports are high impact, but swimming and cycling aren’t likely to cause foot pain because they don’t put the increased pressure on the forefoot.

As the weather warms up outside, instead of going for a run think about going for a bike ride down along the riverfront instead.