Tips to prevent foot swelling during air travel

With the upcoming Labor Day holiday; many will be traveling by plane. Here are some tips to help ensure that your feet can enjoy the trip as well!

  • Remember to watch your diet. Foods with a high salt content can certainly lend to swelling in your feet. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your system   flushing out any additional toxins
  • Secondly, walk around. Getting up several times during your flight will give your feet the exercise needed to keep them energized, and the blood flowing properly.
  • Try to store your carry-on bag overhead. Certainly it is more convenient to have it at foot, but your feet really don’t want to fight for the space
  • Avoid crossing your legs. This is just another way to reduce the blood flow restriction to your feet, and continuing ample circulation.
  • Finally; try to wear more comfortable shoes. Slip-on shoes work the best because that can easily be removed and allow you to wiggle those toes and even give your feet a soothing massage.

So where ever your next destination may be; we wish you a safe and comfortable flight!

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