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Toe fungus: What it is and how to prevent it

Fungus is not solely a summer problem. Toenail fungus thrives in wet or dry conditions. Gyms, saunas, and swimming pools are perfect places for the fungus to spread. It also can spread in dry conditions, like dry floors, linens and person-to-person contact.

The fungus makes your toenails thick and yellow. You may feel pain due to the thickening of the nail.

Prevention is key when thinking about toenail fungus. Remember to:

·         Wash and dry your feet thoroughly

·         Change socks and footwear regularly when your feet perspire

·         Wear breathable materials, such as cotton, mesh and leather

·         Avoid tight, synthetic shoes and socks

·         Always wear shoes – wear flip flops in communal showers

·         Clean bathroom floors, mats and tub surfaces regularly

Toenail fungus won’t go away by itself. Don’t run the risk of spreading it to others; if you notice toenail abnormalities, get it checked out!

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