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Why Are My Feet Always Cold?

Ahh, springtime is almost here. Trees are starting to bud, flowers are beginning to bloom, even the chirps of neighborhood birds seem more cheerful than a few weeks ago. The weather is getting warmer, yet for some people, their feet just never seem to get warm.

The good news is for most people cold feet is not a sign of a serious condition. According to Harvard Health, cold feet may be an inherited condition, or it could be a sign you’re just super fit and trim. Having a low amount of body fat is great, but it could also mean less insulation for your feet. 

It is also possible you have a medical condition such as Raynaud’s syndrome, in which small blood vessels overcompensate for cold temperature and make your feet feel cold.

Insider reports that peripheral neuropathy is another possibility for cold feet. This is a condition that causes nerve damage in the peripheral nervous system. In other words, nerve damage not related to your brain or spinal cord. Other possible conditions include anemia, stress, hypothyroidism and buerger’s disease. If you have chronically cold feet and it’s something you’re worried about, it’s worth contacting our office for an appointment.

Fortunately, for most of us, we can just put on a pair of cozy warm socks to warm up our cold feet. If that isn’t enough, Real Simple offers these ideas for warming up cold feet:

  • Stretch and move your feet. Get blood flowing to your feet to warm up.
  • Go for a run, a bike ride or any other sort of exercise to improve circulation.
  • Soak your feet in a warm bath. It is one of the few affordable luxuries in life, take advantage of it!
  • Wear socks or upgrade your sock game. Not all socks are created equal. If you find some socks that are thicker, warmer and offer support, it’s worth it.

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