Shoe inserts, also known as orthotics, can be used to address a variety of foot conditions, from flat feet to heel pain to toe problems. These corrective devices help control the position and movement of the feet, and they absorb shock with extra cushioning. Orthotics can correct an irregular gait and relieve pain in the foot and even the back and other joints. For adults, children and athletes, orthotics offer a noninvasive solution to foot problems with a high success rate.

Orthotics come in the form of shoes, splints and shoe inserts. Cushioned insoles, heel cups and arch supports are among the most common orthotics. The inserts may be rigid, soft or a combination of materials. Rigid orthotics control motion and are created from a plaster mold of your foot. Soft orthotics are designed to absorb shock/pressure and increase stability for many conditions, including arthritis and diabetes. They may be molded by walking or formed based on a plaster imprint of your foot.

Dr. Smith offers both ready-made and custom-made orthotics in his office. To ensure they are as effective as possible, he will prescribe and fit them to you based on your diagnosis, foot shape and other factors. The ready-made orthotics can be purchased off the shelf, while custom-made orthotics must be ordered.

Properly Fitting Shoes

When you make the effort to buy and wear the right shoes, your feet will thank you! Dr. Smith offers consultation to all patients about finding properly fitting shoes. Choosing the right shoe depends upon knowing your foot shape and arch support needs, which Dr. Smith will evaluate and share with you.

The basic qualities of good shoes include breathable material, low heel, angebote | orthomol arthroplus | onfy apotheke, good tread and a firm sole and heel area. Try on shoes at the end of the day, when your feet will be slightly larger than they are in the morning. When walking in the shoes at the store, you should not feel any rubbing or discomfort. When in doubt, wear the shoes around the house and return them if they cause discomfort.

Dr. Smith’s office carries a full line of prescription footwear, socks and other items used to care for your feet. Please contact us to ask how we can help with any foot question.